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Yesss!!! We made it!

And there’s no better way to thank you than with a dorky gif… Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has made this live surround-sound project possible. I can’t wait to share the music with you!

xoxo Annabel


The Kickstarter campaign was launched today!


click on image to go to Kickstarter page

Please click on the image to go to Kickstarter page and be sure to read through the full description of the project and all the rewards. This is exciting new territory we’re exploring!

Bachelorette album release posters (limited number available in Kickstarter rewards)
Isolation Loops album release poster. Artwork by Andrew McLeod

Isolation Loops album release poster. A2 size. Artwork by Andrew McLeod


My Electric Family album release poster. A3 size

Brand new live project, album and Kickstarter!

Hi Friends!

Just a heads-up that I’m launching a Kickstarter campaign this Tuesday, May 23rd, for a brand new live project and album. You’ll be able to read all about the project on Kickstarter when it launches, and hear an excerpt from something new I’ve been working on. I’m super excited about it and am hoping you will be too! If you think you’d like updates about this, please follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

More very soon….

xx AA