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Tank Magazine interview, Summer 2011


Bachelorette Mess and Noise Interview

Melbourne band Rat vs Possum, discuss feijoas, pets and gear with Bachelorette’s ANNABEL ALPERS. Both bands are on the bill for next month’s Melbourne Festival. Read here:


Reviews of Bachelorette S/T 2011

Uncut Magazine, July 2011, reviewed by John Dale:

“Annabel Alpers has flown solo as Bachelorette for a few years now, but with her self-titled third she’s finally started soaring free of her influences. There are still touches of the Stereolab/Broadcast school of archaic electronics, but Alpers’ melodies are now fuller and richer, and texturally Bachelorette brims with contrast, as in “Sugarbug”‘s lift from gentle, ice-blink verses to choruses that fizz with Farfisas. There’s a touch of icy Nico in “The Last Boat’s Leaving”, but the clincher is Alpers’ androgynous vocals – a drowsy Marc Bolan dreaming on helium.”

Music Australia Guide, May 2011:


All Music Guide (USA), May 17 2011:

“Though this is Bachelorette’s fourth album, this set of songs is such a statement of purpose that it deserves to be the project’s namesake. With Annabel Alpers’ fondness for folk and synth pop, the genres have never blended together so seamlessly before, as on “The Light Seekers,” which marries acoustic picking with electronic beats so delicate they feel more likeheartbeats than man-made rhythms… A fine encapsulation of all of Bachelorette’s sounds and moods, this is the most comfortable Alpers has sounded making music, and the result is some of her best work yet.”

Dominion Post, May 19 2011:


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